It’s a widely-known fact that continuous learning is essential for software engineers! The tech industry is always evolving.

That’s why within Ausy Technologies Romania we launched a new program called Ausy Tech-byte, which is oriented to learning and developing different IT areas.


lifelong learning in engineering.

Engineering entails a lifetime of continuous learning in order to adapt to societal and natural-world changes. It's a worthwhile profession, and the rewards can be extremely satisfying. We can all agree that engineers are the heroes who dream beyond what others think is improbable. They solve problems and create new designs that benefit humanity by combining scientific models with innovative thinking.

Lifelong learning may involve further courses or self-learning, such as reading, networking with other professionals by joining a professional community, seeking the leaders of the field, mentoring, volunteering and getting involved in new and challenging projects.

Continuous learning is beneficial for us as employers, as well as for our engineers. We ensure that our technical experts are fully productive and they are able to drive the business forward. Making our engineers’ development a priority we keep our teams well-informed on industry trends and best practices.

And one of the best ways to get informed are the online workshops, as they offer an enriched and flexible learning experience. They may introduce a new idea, inspire participants to further explore a topic on their own, or may illustrate and promote actual process practice. Moreover, the workshops give the chance to form new relationships and meet new people who share similar interests. These are the important aspects of personal growth.

ausy’s newest tech approach on tech learning.

Recently we implemented a fresh initiative within Ausy Technologies Romania called Ausy Tech-byte. It is an online program designed for sustaining our engineers’ development by providing an optimal learning environment dedicated to technical fields.

ausy tech byte
ausy tech byte

During the webinars, the participants have the opportunity to take part in collaborative discussions and they can dive into a specific topic in detail. Furthermore, being held in a remote environment, it is easier to bring people together for online sessions, due to greater flexibility.

In its aim, the Ausy Tech-byte online program consists of monthly online workshops, with a maximum duration of one hour, which cover various topics in the engineering industry. 

“The purpose of defining the Tech-byte program was to provide our experts with the context and framework to share their technical experiences with other colleagues. Whether we are talking about tech subjects that represent a passion or specific topics in Ausy projects, we wanted to offer visibility and to encourage them.
We believe that this program manages to combine some essential aspects in the development of a company, including, but not limited to, knowledge sharing, innovation, entrepreneurship.
First of all, we want to continue in the same direction, to offer our colleagues the opportunity to benefit and to be up to date with the trends in technology and with the best practices. Secondly, considering the success of this campaign, we want to define, with the help of our leaders and tech experts, other similar programs within the company, but also outside its borders.”

Andrea Muraru
Delivery Manager of Ausy Technologies Romania

bits of tech-byte.

This summer, our speakers Petru Muraru, Dan Pasăre, and George Burueană, captivated the audience with bits of knowledge.

In the first edition of Ausy Tech-byte, Why Google Script, we were able to find out together details about Google Apps Script technology and the reasons why it is an advantage to use it in our work.

Keeping up, we gained knowledge of the introductory notions on the concept of IoT, within the webinar called How to Make Your Home Smarter at No Cost. We explored together the existing solutions on the market, ways of implementing a smart home IoT system in a few steps, but also communication protocols, cloud platforms, and hardware.

Last but not least, we focused on Design Patterns for Embedded Systems. The third workshop exposed the implementation of structures that can emulate OOP in the context of C, but also on specific patterns used in the abstraction of the hardware layer.

meet the speakers.

We wanted to find out more information and how they got on this path, so we invited two of them to answer some of our questions through a short interview.

Dan Pasăre – Software Engineer

1. Can you give us some details about the workshop?

I chose a topic that I was quite familiar with and that I suspected would catch others attention: IoT for everyone: A step-by-step guide to make your home smarter at no cost. For several years, this concept of digital interconnection has been expanding and reaching areas that many people are not aware of.

We are surrounded by intelligent elements (things) even if we probably don't realize it. Everyone that shares an interest can have access to concepts such as "Smart Home" (Smart Home), at very low costs, due to this digital (re) evolution called the Internet of Things.

I didn't want it to be a technical presentation - on the contrary. I wanted a light discussion, a story that would put on the table various ideas (concentric to this topic) and that would arouse in the participant the interest, the curiosity for this concept.

2. What connected you with the Tech-byte workshop? Is the presented topic related to your day-to-day activity or is it a hobby?

I got in touch with various technical industries (electronics / industrial electrical, automation) and in each of these fields, I saw the need to interconnect devices. Either it was a machine that the manufacturer could monitor and technically ascertain from thousands of kilometers away, shortening the time and logistics required in case of technical intervention, or it was a matter of monitoring the wastewater collection points within the municipal utilities, all this required this connection to the world wide web, all this inevitably led to this concept of Internet Of Things.

As a hobby, appearing out of necessity, I realized that I want to make my house smarter. To be able to control certain devices remotely, even when I'm away. I wanted to be able to change the behavior of the photovoltaic system when I'm gone for several days, to be able to access the alarm system, to be able to turn off the TV if I turned it on…I looked for solutions to all these problems and I discovered that they exist, they are available to anyone, in some cases they don't cost or cost very little and they can make our life simpler, safer, cheaper.

That's why I chose to present this concept of a smart home (SmartHome) which is an integral part of the concept of the Internet of Things and which is more tangible to ordinary people.

Petru Muraru – Technology Lead

1. Can you give us some details about the workshop?

The topic I decided to approach is "Why Google Apps Script" and comes in the context of one of the most common topics in the professional field "digitalization". On the one hand, I tried to present the advantages of Google Apps Script, but on the other hand and perhaps the most important thing I tried to exemplify is the "why" part (how I came to use this technology, how I decided that is the best technology I can use in this context, defining the pro/ constable considering other options in the tech area).

 The presentation was built with the aim of providing all the details and steps that can be followed by anyone in the tech area who wants to have an introduction to Google Apps script technologies, and also to offer, based on my experience, the areas of applicability and benefits.

2. What did you like most about the Tech-byte workshop? Is the topic you discussed included in the activity, or is it a hobby?

In the past I used quite a lot of Excel and the VBA scripting part of the background, managing to develop a series of small tools that I used either in a personal or professional context to optimize a series of processes in the company.

I have often encountered the limitations imposed by Excel, and in this context, I wanted to explore other technical options on the market. I got to Google Apps Script, and I was amazed that in two days, following the video tutorial, I managed to develop the first application. This was the first step, and with the discovery of Google integrations, we developed a number of applications used today either in various projects or in the HR / Admin part.

Tech-byte offered the opportunity to share the self-learning experience, and I was pleasantly surprised by the number of questions and people interested in this topic. In this context, based on various feedbacks from colleagues, I think we could take the event further, defining study groups focused on Tech-byte topics. In this way, we can create the right context to be able to offer mentors the opportunity to continue the activities on the topics presented with colleagues who want to deepen and practically the proposed topics.


the importance of continuous education for engineers.

“The key to our success - as it has always been - will be to compete by developing new products, by generating new industries, by maintaining our role as the world’s engine of scientific discovery and technological innovation. It’s absolutely essential to our future.” — Barack Obama

Shaping the future in order to create a better tomorrow is one of the fundamental challenges of human society and technology has proved key in meeting this challenge.

Engineering has become more specialized over the years and thus it offers a variety of domains to explore from IT, mechanical, automotive, aeronautic, telecommunications, biotechnology and many more. Our engineers are involved in various areas, contributing to the health of the world, the future of our cities, or the widening of our economy, while other are designing and developing the technology to power future cars.

But as technological advancements accelerate at a pace that takes your breath away, engineers must constantly develop their skills. We hope that with this article, we can help you build your engineering career path. Keep in mind that learning has no age limit!


about the authors:

The present article was co-authored by Iulia Crasmariu, HR Manager, Anca Mihai, Digital Marketing Specialist, both from Ausy Technologies Romania, and Mara Hodîrnău, Digital Marketing Trainee from Ausy 360 Summer Practice Program.