Available updates not installed? Curiosity aroused? Your network security is threatened!

19 May 2017
Cyber Security
Recently, a very large cyberattack affected close to 200,000 computers in a hundred countries, which included numerous French businesses and industrial infrastructures.

During a cyberattack, economic consequences (service cuts, loss of data, productivity being lowered and perhaps even at a standstill), social consequences (negative impact on brand image, loss of trust), and personal consequences (as of 2018, the GDPR will financially sanction data theft) are heavy.

How did the cybercriminals proceed? This time, just by simply exploiting known security flaws in operating systems. These software vulnerabilities are detected and corrected by editors and updates are made available to the public to fix them. Unfortunately, the majority of users do not install these updates regularly or quickly enough. Hackers take advantage of this negligence in order to attack the systems with this known flaw. In other cases, the information system becomes infected due to an e-mail attachment, which contains the virus, being opened. Ransomware is a classic mode of operation that has become huge in the last several years. It does not have a specific target but has the objective of impacting the largest amount of people possible.

Do you wish to arm yourself against cyberattacks and protect your company’s sensitive information? AUSY and its partner network support major clients from numerous sectors during security audit phases, in security strategy execution and in the implementation of surveillance and monitoring tools.

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