22 January 2020
For the 12th edition of the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC in French) 2020, AUSY will once again take part in the forensic challenges. AUSY’s know-how will be represented by 6 of our cyber security experts.

After a first warm-up phase in December when dozens of teams competed online, 13 of them qualified for the novelty of the 2020 edition of the FIC: a CTF - Capture The Flag - in live during the last day of the show. Other challenges of the event are just as demanding, and the AUSY team will be ready to face them!

This year's event will be placed under the theme: "REPLACING THE HUMAN AT THE HEART OF CYBER SECURITY". Raising public awareness about the issues related to forensics and the cyber security, and encourage and promote jobs available in this sector, will be among the main objectives of this forum.

The various tests & challenges will be organized by the Gendarmerie Nationale and CEIS from January 28 to 30, 2020, in partnership with CDAISI and EPITA.

Two series of four-hour tests, with increasingly higher difficulty levels, will be proposed to participants of the 2020 FIC Forensic Challenges. In parallel, participants agreed to answer the questions and comments of the public with the aim of explain and promote their professions.

These challenges will obviously be carried out on a closed network. Knowing that the organizers only provide network access, participants will have to use their own hardware and software. AUSY representatives will be able to rely on their working tools and methods they use on a daily basis to serve the group's customers.

Next to the forensic challenges the main forum takes place, a direct offspring of the European strategy of the single digital market and the GDPR project. A benchmark European event for IT and cyber security, it brings together an increasingly large audience each year. Last year, more than 8,500 participants and 350 partners and exhibitors, from more than 80 different countries, participated in the event. 30 institutional representatives (Ministry of Defence, ANSSI, etc.) were also present. This year again, the forum will encourage discussion with key market players while presenting workshops and conferences specialized in the field.


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