ADI for Dummies

14 June 2019
Industry 4.0, the factory of the future, smart factory: broad terms for a hazy reality. What’s it really about ?

With their aggressive marketing and futuristic, if not surrealist, videos, a lot of software houses and service companies are encouraging us to join the world of industrial “TRANSFORMATION”. Some talk of an industrial renaissance and even say that we are now living through the end of Era 4.0. Unsurprisingly, we feel a little lost with this new “all-connected” model. However, when you are in close daily contact with production sites some of which have not yet moved to stage 3.0, you soon realize that some pragmatism is called for. The industrial conservatism of some customers, and the need to help them take the right route to innovation, has led us to develop a new product.

AUSY Digital Improvement (ADI) is a common-sense approach, a tool for technological diagnosis which acts as a link between current industrial reality and the desired (or imposed) world of digitization. It all started with one of our customers who argued that AUSY, as a “technological solution integrator”, understood the business, but also had the advantage of being in constant contact with start-ups and thus at the centre of the relevant innovation.

The factory of the future is not practicable unless we take account of the human factor

The principle is simple and by now, the process is mature. The major objective remains to make the customer relationship receptive to an approach with greater added value and to long-term periods of support. To achieve this, we propose deliverables for a solution implemented over the short, medium and long term



The deliverables by scope and priorities

At the end of the week’s work, we offer you assistance in making decisions on the aspects related to manufacturing. It covers four major areas: the manufacturing process; the equipment use and functionality; logistics; and predictive maintenance. Naturally, the human factor and support during the digital transition remain inherent in the approach. Improvements to IT are also central to our approach, with a presentation on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and workshops deriving from it.



An example of a recommendation that recognizes the human factor:



A product integrated into AUSY’s integration ecosystem

AUSY’s integration ecosystem was developed around a substantial network of SMEs working in specialist areas. They include recognized businesses in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain, IoT and cybersecurity.

In addition, we have an internal community of experts and of expertise. Over one hundred experienced consultants are able to work at any time with our customers, on topics as diverse as Drupal and Java development etc.; the user experience and other ergonomic questions; electronic issues; and also more structural questions such as the organization of DevOps. Resources for core business areas are deployed from AUSY itself, to provide support on continuous improvement, functional dimensioning, traceability, ramp up and potential benefits, etc.

Recent market imperatives have meant we deployed our first Innovation Centre in Toulouse at the start of 2017. AUSY had already set up organizations dedicated to innovation, including our subsidiary AUSY R&D focusing on blockchain, augmented reality and digital twinning, etc. AUSY R&D is responsible for pure and applied research and also carries out experimental development projects. We currently have two such centres, and four are planned by the end of 2019. They are staffed by around sixty postgraduates who are specialists in their innovative subject. Because the role of technology is expanding, staff numbers are constantly rising, and should reach one hundred by the end of 2019.


ADI plays a role in this customer-focused innovation. AUSY offers a diagnosis to support decision making in the context of a digital transition. The report enables the customer subsequently to implement the set of recommendations based on its starting point and its own requirements. Cultural change is indeed an integral part of the approach chosen by AUSY.

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