Interview with Jean-Philippe, operations director of France's North and West regions

22 November 2016
Get to know Jean-Philippe and learn about the opportunities available in France’s North and West regions.
  • Can you tell us about your job and your career with AUSY?

I had the pleasure of joining AUSY at the beginning of this year as Operations Director for the North and West regions. I am based in Rennes, and I am in charge of activities regarding operational management at the Lille, Rennes, Nantes, Niort and Bordeaux branches.

  • Can you briefly discuss the branch activities that you manage?

The scope is pretty large. It covers an important range of missions and positions. To give a quick overview, the Lille branch is more oriented towards information systems and infrastructure. Its growth will occur thanks to existing clients but also by diversifying our traditional offers: engineering, industrial IT… Our flagship sectors: defence, mass distribution, banking, insurance…

The Rennes branch has a broader focus, and our consultants here work on information systems, engineering and industrial IT. This branch’s strong point is its remarkable knowledge of test benches, a full and very technical profession. Our main sectors: defence, digital television, telecommunications, the press, financial banking…

The Nantes branch has a similar profile. We cover all of AUSY’s offers, and we are very well-positioned in our three traditional fields. Two elements of note: we have strong mechanical skills based around tools (developed with help from our Toulouse teams) and a centre of excellence focused on Third-Party Maintenance and Third-Party Application Acceptance. Our principal sectors: aeronautics, defence, banking and insurance, automobile manufacturers, marine activities…

The Niort branch will not surprise you. It is well-known for its information systems expertise in the insurance world.

Finally, in addition to its information systems activity, Bordeaux is growing rapidly in industrial IT. The chief sectors there: aeronautics, banking, insurance, defence, mass distribution… 

  • Are you looking for certain profiles?

We have more than 100 positions to fill! A simultaneously attractive and difficult quality of the scope of our work is diversity. We represent a series of micro-markets in which we want to strengthen ourselves.

What are each site’s priorities?

Lille: Network competence. As a key player in the aerospace and defence field, we have really interesting subjects to work on.

Rennes: Test bench architects, Internet of Things skills, expertise related to OpenStack.

Nantes: Web expertise, process methods, experts in test automation.

Niort: Information systems qualifications (project owners and developers), knowledge of the insurance world.

Bordeaux: Real-time systems, object-oriented development (Java).

For all of these sites, we are recruiting managers, project directors and experts that will structure our development. 

  • Why should people join your teams?

We have a huge variety of projects, technologies, and types of work to offer.

But this is present everywhere at AUSY. I believe that the context here is profoundly different. Each branch is personal, more human-sized. They are start-ups at the heart of a huge group, making it possible to work in a professional context while participating in a human adventure. It’s very motivating.

  • Your region was innovative in creating test bench courses. Are you going to repeat this experience? What other subjects are planned?

This is an example I mentioned earlier. Based on a strong client partnership, our technical teams were able to formalise and transmit their knowledge to other consultants. It was very enriching, and that allowed us to bring an innovative service to our client.

I am very proud of these two classes and their success with our different clients. Bravo to both students and teachers.

In the future, we are going to continue our technical development in DevOps and OpenStack. We are currently discussing this subject with a partner. We hope to become a local benchmark, a leading player in this niche. I hope that we will have a chance to discuss it again in the future!