Drupal Meetup Event

1 June 2017
AUSY 6 rue Troyon 92310 Sèvres
AUSY is hosting the next Drupal event for the Drupal France et Francophonie Meetup Group. The programme will consist of three presentations, which will  in order to learn everything about Drupal 8 as well as conversations about the technology, but there will also be the opportunity to enjoy each other's company and share a pleasant moment together! 
  •  Wilfrid Roze will present some of the modules that have been contributed by émérya (Admin Toolbar, Ajax Form Entity, Form Mode Control, Views Token Arguments, Views Autocomplete API, etc.) and will discuss strategies used in contributing to Drupal!
  • Vincent Maucorp, President of the club, will show us that things are moving and that much is being prepared.
  • Christophe Villeneuve will present a new way of carrying out tests for managing roles and profiles in Drupal with Firefox Nightly.

In order to learn more and to sign up  ➯https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/drupal-france-francophonie/events/240158739/