Redesign of client management systems and interfaces

interface client
Retail banking development (JAVA)
Domain of expertise
Design, development and Java/J2EE integration in an innovative context
Sector of activity
Banking, Insurance, Finance

Redesign, maintenance and comprehensive overhaul of the customer relationship management system, extranet, website and mobile applications. 

Technical expertise and consulting services related to technological innovations.


AUSY had to adapt its intervention methods and organisation to meet the needs and constraints of its clients, thus confirming the clients’ market position as a major player in the online banking sector, by working on innovative and original projects. 

Solutions & results

AUSY is responsible for all JAVA developments (fat client, thin client) related to the clients retail banking. Today a team of 25 work to resolve JAVA issues and to ensure effective interfacing between applications through the provision of web services and JAVA 6 developments while resolving time-to-market challenges. Thanks to this team, technical obsolescence has diminished, a structured and flexible organisation is now in place, and new features that are in accordance with regulations now exist.