AUSY and its network of partners

Development activities of a bench include a large share of expenses (connectors purchases ...) and wiring and possibly the realisation of electronic cards and specific environmental testing.

Ausy alone would not know how to be relevant, without surrounding with partners, allowing to make an offer end to end and to control costs. However, we remain prime contractor for the project and are the only client interface.

We have a partner’s network already established for many years with preferred subcontractors, but we are able to fetch new subcontractors and demand our partners to have the same policy as us.

We rely on the selection criteria clearly defined, measurable and verifiable, namely:

  • the strength and financial health of the company;
  • its proven and recognized expertise,
  • the availability of infrastructure, equipment and laboratories,
  • its capacity commitment on the medium term (3-5 years).

We ensure the complementarity of our activities and services, the technical capacity of future subcontractors to meet our needs and be in possession of the necessary amenities and specialized certifications.

It is the same for the maintenance of our preferred suppliers list. We take into account:

  • the history of the relationship,
  • the quality of deliverables,
  • timeliness (on time delivery).

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