ausy supports a leader in the telecom sector
ausy supports a leader in the telecom sector


In 2018, a major player in the Telecoms sector decided to embark on a global process aimed at making its entire organisation agile. This transformation required getting all of its teams on board and creating a global vision of the project test strategy. The duration of sprints and SAFe increments requires automating and industrialising tests, taking a continuous integration and regular delivery approach within the DevOps philosophy, which also requires rapid upskilling with regard to testing tools.

In order to meet these requirements, the Telecoms operator wanted a flexible organisation to best support projects with regard to quality management and testing in SAFe trains. To do this, it contacted Ausy’s centre of excellence to act as a partner in this process.


People and know-how to support a methodological, technological and organisational transformation.

Faced with a wide range of working methods and tools, and differing levels of test maturity, Ausy recommended an organisational approach that would provide the best support for geographically distributed teams (client teams and partners) with the main objective of making projects and trains autonomous with regards to testing.

To meet the expectations of its client, Ausy set up a shared organisational structure in its testing centres of excellence bringing together Test Analysts, Test Managers, Test Coaches and Automation Engineers in order to offer, in very short deadlines, solutions to industrialise automatic tests by proactively suggesting tools and methodologies.

This partnership is characterised by a real desire to support projects by helping them become more autonomous. Using Test Coaches gives the client the power to act, as well as providing it with the knowledge required to use the tools, methods and processes.

An in-depth knowledge and mastery of SAFe tests and the methodology has enabled Ausy to achieve optimal flexibility, quality and speed. This is one of the reasons why Ausy was the first IT consultancy firm in France to support a large group with such a digital transformation project.

solution and results.

Agility-at-scale and continuous integration, a necessary reorganisation in the field of testing.

Ausy has set up a specific and highly immersive organisational approach to capitalise on and guarantee good methodological practices, and to deliver the expected services in line with its client’s requirements, while also providing the necessary flexibility and responsiveness.

The main objectives were to get project teams on board and to support them to become autonomous with regard to defining their functional and automatic test strategies based on standard BPMN in order to facilitate interactions, and define the business and test paths. The functional application tests, as well as the end-to-end key journeys were automated and industrialised using RobotFramework and XRAY solutions. Recommendations and workshops (showing by example), as well as training on good practices, standards and tools was provided to project teams to help them develop the necessary skills and autonomy.

Ausy had to (and knew how to) adapt its working methods and its organisation thanks to its test coaches in order to meet the client’s expectations and guarantee the best service quality.

before after CAT Ausy
before after CAT Ausy