the production of access links, a major challenge for companies and operators.
the production of access links, a major challenge for companies and operators.


The deployment of very high speed business broadband (FTTO) offers is a major challenge for telecom operators in the coming years. Today, all companies, from small and medium-sized enterprises and industries to large groups, are faced with the need for digital transformation. And very high speed broadband is the cornerstone. Cloud, video conferencing, and big data are all technologies that facilitate collaborative and remote work. Very high speed broadband makes it easier to use and can be a choice criterion for the location of certain companies.

Our client had a dedicated department for managing this type of deployment, from order-taking to commissioning and invoicing. But this system quickly showed its limits in terms of delivery times and customer satisfaction (quality of communication, monitoring, response times and honouring commitments).


An audit highlighted the shortcomings of the existing model. The project managers handled the portfolios of over 60 customers, from SMEs to key accounts, and were responsible for monitoring them, communicating regularly with them on the progress of their projects, following up the various parties involved and giving visibility to the business.

This working method was essentially based on the project manager. With an average of 1200 cases to manage over 3 months, deployment times of more than 60 days, and communication shortfalls between the teams, subcontractors and B-to-B customers, the overall satisfaction rate was a paltry 21%.

solutions & results.

The client, who had already outsourced this activity without achieving significant improvement, wanted to change its working method. The activity was redesigned on a "factory" industrial model with a silo organisation.

Three specialised teams dedicated to each operation (launch, production and communication) were put in place to deal with all the SME, SMI and key account set-ups. A key accounts unit with one or more dedicated project managers was retained to meet the requirements of certain customers. It can nevertheless rely on the other three units for very big launches. The scope of the Project Manager's work was redefined to enable him/her to focus on customer care and overall satisfaction.

Contractually, a service centre with fee-for-service invoicing was set up progressively over 5 months in our premises. This time period allowed the ecosystem to be appropriated and the necessary ramp-up to be carried out. The service centre makes it possible to manage fluctuating business volumes and to absorb loads by being reinforced if necessary on an item.

restructuring of the activity before and with ausy
restructuring of the activity before and with ausy

A single mailbox has been set up to centralise communications, compensate for unavailability and optimise responsiveness (guaranteed same-day response and escalation within four hours).

An IVR (interactive voice server) has been sized to suit the context and is accessible 5 days a week from 9am to 12pm and from 1.30pm to 6pm to respond to customer needs via a single number.

The different teams have undergone a cycle of tailor-made training to improve their written and oral communication. All newcomers follow a specific integration path and have all the documented procedures at their disposal.

The organisation has moved from reactive to proactive communication with an automated "welcome mail" and bi-monthly reporting to give the customer visibility on the status of their set-up and the progress of deployments with supporting key data.

A multitude of indicators have been put in place (per unit and overall). The silo organisation allows us to have daily indicators on launches, failures, invoicing with a consolidated IRI (incremental revenue increase) for customers in a given month that has increased in a linear manner. Customer satisfaction surveys are systematically carried out at the end of the deployment to monitor the evolution and effectiveness of this model.

a long term and replicable model
a long term and replicable model