agile case
agile case

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With its 5,600 employees, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH ensures safe and punctual flight operations in German airspace. Up to 10,000 flights per day (before Corona) are monitored in the three control centers and 15 air traffic control towers it operates.

As part of a modernization of its IT architecture, DFS recognized the need to renew some of its processes, methods and organizational aspects. The overarching objective was to make this possible by introducing agile working methods.

For this purpose, the choice fell on the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), which was initially introduced in the TANGe project. SAFe helps companies to scale agile methodologies like Scrum – which are only defined for the team level – across the entire organization.

our solution.


Ausy Technologies provided DFS with a team of agile coaches who methodically support the implementation. In the course of the project, AUSY Technologies provided the following services for DFS:

  • Methodical support and training of the roles within SAFe, Scrum and Kanban integrated into everyday work;
  • Support and advice at agile framework events;
  • Assistance with program-level events – including Program Increment (PI) planning;
  • Support in the development of features and user stories;
  • Optimization of team and program backlogs;
  • Taking on the role of Scrum Master for development teams;
  • Conducting workshops and communities of practice (CoP) on the topic of agility with representatives from various business areas;
  • Advice to program and project management with regard to agile methods and change management.

The start of the project in May 2020 right at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated restrictions was a particular challenge. AUSY Technologies reacted to this with a corresponding offer: The Scrum, Kanban and SAFe events were primarily carried out remotely - with consistently high quality.



A year after the start of the project, the AUSY Technologies team is still working. In order to successfully anchor agile practice in the project, you not only need the right method, but also ongoing control, evaluation and practice of the new processes. Thanks to this support, SAFe is now fully integrated into the organizational processes.

The agile coaching from AUSY Technologies also helped DFS to enrich the change process with an "outside view" and to carry it out smoothly.


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Through SAFe we have gained helpful impulses for our project work and can react more agile to changes. The coaches from AUSY Technologies quickly brought us forward with their expertise and personal commitment.

Marco Weber
TANGe project manager at DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung
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Claudia Eller
Claudia Eller

Claudia Eller

senior agile consultant

Claudia Eller is Senior Agile Consultant for Ausy Technologies Germany. She joined Ausy Technologies in October 2020. Besides her agile consulting activities Claudia is also part of our Agile Center of Expertise helping to establish the international agile community of Ausy. Claudia has proven her coaching and facilitation skills in different projects in finance, tourism and travel sector.