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As everyone relies on the Internet more than ever, the creation of digital data has proliferated. Nowadays, companies around the world store, on computers or in the cloud, a great amount of data that is transmitted over the network, which emphasizes the importance of identifying and resolving the eventual system's vulnerabilities. Here is where Cybersecurity strikes in.

In the current global context, where many businesses have shifted to remote working, companies have faced greater cyber risks. Therefore, companies suffered more data breaches, as not many of them were fully prepared to have their employees work from home, using personal devices for work or even avoiding antivirus solutions on their devices.

However, one can no longer take elementary safety measures such as simple firewalls and antivirus software that were used in the past, because cyber threats can come from any level. 

Data leakage can have destructive consequences for any business and even ruin the company’s reputation through the loss of consumer and partner trust. Non-complying with data protection regulations and losing critical data can cost a company its competitive advantage and affect its revenue. In recent reports, researchers have found that data breaches have cost the impacted business over $4 million. 

Considering that the cost of cybercrime is predicted to hit $8 trillion in 2023 and will grow to $10.5 trillion by 2025, there’s no doubt about why it is important to implement a strong cybersecurity approach.

Turning to more and more sophisticated platforms that can detect threats in early phases is one of the most approached methods for every individual and organization.

common cyber threats being performed today
common cyber threats being performed today

methods for people to prevent cyber attacks.

Speaking of individuals, the best procedures to ensure the highest level of safety are quite simple. From password hygiene and using only safe USB devices, to using Antivirus software to proper caution against hackers or phishing attacks, not accessing unknown/ unsecured websites to download software, and avoiding installing unknown/ insecure software, users need to become more cyber aware and learn how security breaches occur, in order to implement the best strategy against threats.

methods for businesses to prevent cyber attacks.

The best practices for defense, when it comes to enterprises, comprise simple, but extremely essential countermeasures such as patching systems. This way, as soon as a tech vendor discovers a security weakness in the product, it usually develops code that “patches” the specific problem.

Many innovative technologies or services have appeared on the market, making it easier to carry out a strong defense against cyber threats. Among them one can find:

  • outsourcing security services
  • collaborative security systems
  • cyber attack simulation tools
  • anti-phishing software solutions

Even though it might be a bit frightening for both consumers and businesses, protecting critical digital assets doesn’t have to be a hard-to-beat challenge. It only takes a constant commitment of resources and stricter strategies to ensure the best protection. However, a good Security Operations team or a motivated person can easily deal with most of the major cyber threats.

european cybersecurity competence center in Romania.

The Cybersecurity Competence Center, established in Bucharest, is expected to play the main role in the EU’s battle against ever-growing cyber threats.

During the last years, Romania has reached a high level regarding its cybersecurity capabilities, by strengthening national competencies. Ranking third in EU statistics on women working in tech, Romania is also ranked fourth worldwide for the best broadband internet speed.

Furthermore, Romania has been one of the few countries that have continued in developing innovative and stricter policies to decrease reliance on Chinese 5G network equipment.

cyber projects at Ausy Technologies Romania.

We aim to be there and offer the needed support for our partners in every stage of a potential cyber attack. Preventing is always better than reacting, so we are prepared to offer the best possible support and advice to protect our partners and clients from the risks posed by a cyber attack. Our passionate teams are ready to face cyber attacks during the crisis and also to help our partners to rebound after such an attack regarding their IT systems.

While on the subject, within Ausy Technologies Romania, we develop multiple projects based on the Cybersecurity domain. Our tech experts in the cybersecurity and privacy area develop solutions that impact the everyday lives of consumers, starting with border crossing systems, payment security methods, physical and digital security, all in a completely trusted environment.

at any time, be safe online!

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