AUSY to take part in the 2019 Fic Challenges

14 January 2019
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The theme of this year’s Forensic Challenges at the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) is ‘Security and Privacy by Design’. AUSY will be represented by five of our cybersecurity experts.

Between 22 and 23 January 2019, experts with diverse high-level technical skills will take part in a range of challenges organised by the Gendarmerie Nationale and CEIS in partnership with CDAISI and EPITA, as well as the Réseau de Réserve Citoyenne de Cyberdéfense (NB: the citizen cyber defence reserve network) set up by the French Ministry of Defence.

The aim of these challenges is to encourage and showcase jobs in the field of IT forensics and defensive cyber warfare, as well as raising the public’s awareness in this area. The challenges, and more generally the forum, are in line with the European Digital Single Market strategy and the draft data protection regulation. 

Participants of the 2019 FIC Forensic Challenges take part in two series of four-hour tests with increasing levels of difficulty. To make the task even harder, they have to answer questions and respond to observations from the public with the aim of shedding light on and promoting these types of careers.

It goes without saying that these challenges are carried out on a closed network. The challenge organisers only provide access to the network; participants have to use their own equipment and software (with valid licences). AUSY representatives will have the opportunity to showcase their know-how - which they have honed in AUSY projects - in a realistic environment.

In addition to the forensic challenges, there will be a forum on digital subjects, which is attracting growing audience numbers each year. The previous edition attracted over 8,600 participants, 350 partners and exhibitors from 80 countries. This year the forum will focus on exchanges between key market players, as well as presenting specialised workshops and conferences.

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