AUSY, sponsor of DrupalCamp Paris 2019

6 February 2019
The “DrupalCamp” conference circuit is coming back to Paris on 15, 16 & 17 February 2019. This event will take place at the Espace Saint-Martin in Paris' 3rd arrondissement. DrupalCamp focuses on a range of technical themes devoted to Drupal CMS. Becoming a sponsor of the Paris DrupalCamp reflects AUSY's desire to share in the success of this event.

This year's conference includes two consecutive days of sessions, providing opportunities for dialogue and feedback as well as presentations on technical topics aimed at all members of the Drupal community, from beginners to experts. Three types of sessions are featured on the programme:

  • “Business” sessions for knowledge sharing on business-specific topics focused on the end user experience;
  • “Discovery” sessions providing training for individual participants on various topics, pitched at increasing levels of difficulty;
  • “Expert” sessions led by seasoned contributors to the Drupal ecosystem, showcasing such topics as security, headless, and more.

This DrupalCamp will round off on the Sunday with the Drupal “sprints”. Sprinting has become a beacon for developers wanting to build features and to contribute to community projects such as translation, code quality and module validation, among others.

Many AUSY staff will be in attendance over the three days, either as contributors or simply as visitors. DrupalCamp provides a great opportunity for networking with us between sessions. You can also come straight to the AUSY stand, on the fourth floor, to talk about Drupal CMS and the support opportunities offered by our company.

In addition, AUSY employee Christophe Villeneuve will be leading the session “Creating your virtual reality experience using Drupal” on Saturday 16 February 2019 at 1:30pm.

In recent months, there has indeed been a good deal of progress in virtual reality for the Web. Efforts to develop augmented reality (WebAR), virtual reality (WebVR) and mixed reality (WebXR) are now bringing real results. Drupal CMS has always been at the cutting edge of Web development, providing various modules to harness emerging technologies, using virtual reality headsets and WebVR frameworks such as A-Frame, ReactVR, ThreeJS, and more. This session will explore the available technologies and concepts in terms of both hardware and application software. Using examples and demonstrations, participants will examine how to link the A-Frame framework to Drupal APIs in WebVR.

We hope you'll be grabbing a ticket for this event and we look forward to meeting you there. Come and find us on the fourth floor!

And remember to take a look at our web page dedicated to all things Drupal.


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