Technical news

6 June 2019
Meet AUSY Function Point experts at the French IT Metrics Day on 11 June 2019.
4 June 2019
AUSY will be attending the 53rd International Paris Air Show (SIAE) at Le Bourget.
squash TM tests
23 May 2019
The Squash toolkit comprises a range of different modules for structuring and industrialising functional tests for software programmes or computer applications. Let’s take a look at this tool together!
agilité actualité SAFe
17 April 2019
DISs - and companies - are being forced to become more adaptable and flexible, but also more responsive in an ever-changing market environment. Agile methods offer a possible response. However, applying an Agile SCRUM method in a small team is totally different from doing it in a company with over 50 employees. This requires other models such as SAFe.
11 April 2019
Python, created in 1991, is now the main programming language used in Machine Learning, Big Data and Data Science. It makes it possible to automate certain aspects with little human value-added and make application prototypes rapidly. But what curious features are hiding behind this widely used language?
Journée Française des Tests Logiciels
8 April 2019
AUSY will take part in the 11th edition of the French Software Testing Day and will be available to talk to visitors on stand 12.