Technical news

Drupal 8.6
10 September 2018
This week, we tested the first stable version of the version 8.6. What new functionalities can we see in 8.6? Here is our overview of what is included.
Killer App
30 July 2018
With the rise of digitalisation, all major companies now offer their services via one or multiple mobile applications. What has become a very clear trend during the last several years is the Killer App, which has this name because it does everything. It offers the entirety of services relative to your business and it promises a consistent end-to-end experience to its users.
29 March 2018
What makes a technological product commercially successful? It’s a vast and complex topic, isn’t it? In this article, we offer several possible responses.
points de fonction
6 September 2017
Check out AUSY’s new booklet, which offers a thorough review on the subject…
Drupal 8.4 AUSY
9 August 2017
Every six months, the Drupal community launches new functionalities, meaning a major change in Drupal 8. While Drupal 7 has never had new functionalities, Drupal 8 has already had three important updates, with Drupal 8.1, Drupal 8.2 and Drupal 8.3. We now begin to have a clear vision of what we can expect in Drupal 8.4.
27 June 2017
In 2017, UX Design plays, more than ever, an important role in the client journey with a variety of connected devices.