Technical news

25 September 2020
In the previous article, we defined what a pentest was and when to carry it out, how to target it well to increase its added value and how to prepare it internally before the exchanges with the service provider who will carry it out.
19 August 2020
AUSY work alongside their customers to support them in their functional test automation projects. The goals are straightforward: to speed up and save time while also improving the quality and efficiency of solutions, in a way that responds to an ever decreasing time-to-market and market demands. AUSY has developed a specific modelling-based approach that provides optimal support and preparation for test automation.
6 August 2020
Test automation is often viewed as the holy grail of quality, lower costs and tests that run on every feature, as if by magic, all by themselves! But that’s not always how things are.
18 May 2020
Programming with Python is an art in itself. The author of this guide takes a look at the pitfalls to avoid, and gives you a few useful tips to put into practice.
12 March 2020
The FIC (International Cybersecurity Forum) took place in Lille from 28 to 30 January 2020. This is a major European annual event, attracting thousands of cybersecurity experts.
L’ergonomie et l’expérience utilisateur appliqués à la réalité virtuelle
26 February 2020
User experience has become a hot topic in society, whatever the sector of business. A website’s user experience has a major impact on your audience’s loyalty and your ability to attract new visitors. If a visitor easily finds the information they are looking for, if the loading speed is acceptable, if the site is well built, then they will want to stay on your site and come back regularly. However, a bad user experience will cause your readers or your customers to flee. It is the same for your mobile apps or software more generally.