Under the Sea with Celerity

18 January 2018
Prisitine seas
Our American branch, Celerity, recently completed a project in partnership with National Geographic Society, part of the famous organisation well-known for its contributions towards the environment. The project Pristine Seas is one of NGS’s Explorer Programs, which aims to protect our oceans. Our article below discusses Celerity's involvement with Pristine Seas.

What is Pristine Seas?

Enric Sala, creator of this innovative program, wishes to create more Protected Marine Areas around in the world in order to revitalize the wildlife and coral reefs ravaged by global commercialisation. The staff of Pristine Seas leads ocean expeditions, filming beautiful videos of the ecosystems and using the images and information collected to showcase environmental needs to governments and the general public. Their objective is to convince local governments to refuse the excessive commercialisation of their environment and to encourage the protection of their natural heritage. With country support, more Protected Marine Areas can be created, guaranteeing the biodiversity of these spaces.

The role of Celerity within Pristine Seas

The photos and videos of the marine world, captured by the Pristine Seas team, must incite us, individuals and international actors, to protect nature and its species for future generations. In order to properly showcase this content, Pristine Seas turned to Celerity to construct a dynamic, attractive and ergonomic website which would be able to show off underwater wonders.

Celerity had already worked multiple times for National Geographic Society as its development team on its website. National Geographic Society has neither its own digital support nor its own project management; thus, Celerity was in a privileged position for this kind of project. This great pre-existing relationship between the two gave Celerity the opportunity to develop Pristine Seas’ new website at the beginning of 2017.

In January, Celerity began to work on this new project with a team of four people (two developers, one project manager and one quality officer). Celerity set itself a challenge to find new techniques to modernise the website and to properly display the photos and videos and, as a result, the value of the environment represented.

Before Celerity’s impact, the website was rather minimalist. It consisted of a static page with a lot of text. In order to create a more dynamic interface, Celerity provided new components, including pages on each expedition, auto-playing videos, a globe showing all expedition locations et various effects to please the reader’s eye. The finished product is very innovative. It exposes the reality of these marine environments, distant and often not well-known, while providing stunning images as proof.

Prisitine seas


Results and challenges

National Geographic Society and Pristine Seas have given a lot of positive feedback to Celerity. The website has even been nominated for a Webby, an annual prize for the best creations on the Internet. Thanks to Celerity, the website has acquired greater visibility and reach.

During the project, Celerity found solutions for responding to the website’s challenges. For example, the content needed to be validated multiple times to respond to government issues and Pristine Seas’ needs. Finding a globe adapted to the website’s needs also presented a challenge. As a result, the project timeline became prolonged. Several effects developed were not used on this project but will without doubt be used in another.

Future prospects

The site’s development is finished and Celerity now plays a support role. If there are any news, such as the creation of a new Protected Marine Area, Celerity will upload another website component, such as a news ticker on the homepage.

After the success of its work with Pristine Seas, as well as its other projects with National Geographic Society, Celerity intends to continue this wonderful relationship, rich and full of hope for the environment.