This March 8, AUSY honours its female staff

8 March 2018
Audrey Bellocq
Since 1977, International Women’s Day has been celebrated around the world. To mark this event, we interviewed Audrey, Business Department Director, the Manager of the Transportation Division of the Group.

Tell us a bit about yourself, your interests and what you like to do in your personal life.

In my daily life, I participate in three activities that set the rhythm for my week. I run a lot, I run for about an hour outside three to five times a week. I also enjoy going for walks, and my dog is a great companion for this activity. He’s a beautiful German shepherd that requires a lot of attention and a lot of exercise. I also play piano and have been doing so for several years. At first, I played mostly classical music, due to my training at the conservatory, but little by little I have been drawn more towards French pop, especially the songs of Jean-Jacques Goldman.

During my weekends and holidays, I travel. Recently, I went to Russia, where I had the chance to visit Moscow and St. Petersburg, which was a great experience! The rest of the time, I like to go to the theatre and attend shows.

Please tell us about your position and your projects at AUSY:

I have now worked at AUSY for four years in the Industrial Operations Department (which brings together different industrial sectors, specifically Automobiles, Rail, Aeronautics, Defence and Space). In this department, I am in a position of authority and responsibility since I am in charge of the transportation division (automobiles and rail). I manage a great team of 150 people, mostly male.

My tasks are mainly strategic with managing a portfolio of large client accounts like Valéo, Thalès and Alstom. I also steer the business strategy of my group. I develop it and monitor the profit centre…I direct diverse projects. I lead, negotiate and conclude different requests for proposal.

Can you tell us about your team?

On the business side, I chose the people on my team and I made good choices. My team has not changed since my arrival at AUSY. We are very united! The ambience is great and there is a true sense of belonging. We regularly organise evenings with the consultants, which allows us to reinforce our links.

How do you lead your team, which is primarily male?

My management style is simultaneously maternal and exacting. I am a fastidious person by nature with myself, but also with others. I am rather direct, I say things rather easily and I think it is essential to always communicate.

What recommendations would you give to women who are looking to make their mark and find their place in primarily male working environments?

I think that it is important to preserve and value our nature as women. We need to not try to hide or conceal it, because it is what gives us our strength. It is also essential to keep our values.

Of course, one must know how to juggle the delicacy which characterises us, our strong grasp and our honesty!

It is by mixing these different specific qualities that I am able to succeed in leading with a maternal management style, as I explained earlier.

Any closing remarks?

Mixed gender teams have many advantages because they allow for multiple perspectives, which do a lot to advance projects. As a result, I hope that in the near future, we will no longer need to celebrate “Women’s Day”. It will mean that we are 100% a part of the professional landscape.