Interview with Sébastien, Operational Director (South West Region)

22 March 2017
Learn more about Sébastien, Operational Director of the South West Region, and our activities in his area.

Can you please tell us about your position and your time with AUSY? 

I joined AUSY in 2005. At that time, AUSY South West was mainly operating in the space sector. My role was to be in charge of the entity’s diversification strategy. Aeronautics was, of course, my first development target, especially since our local aircraft manufacturer had launched new programmes. This period was fantastic for the region because there was enormous investment in engineering. As a challenger facing huge competitors in the engineering field, we gradually established ourselves as a leading player while winning major projects. Today, the number of partners authorised to work with these huge accounts has greatly diminished, but AUSY is still here!

At the same time, it was essential for me that we were not dependent on only one sector. It’s the reason we developed new accounts in multiple sectors such as automobiles, construction and telecommunications operators, software companies, mass distribution, but also energy…Today, AUSY can claim an incomparable stability in the region! On my side, I have taken on the responsibility of the Toulouse site for the past several years. I am surrounded by a very valuable team, full of competent and faithful people who knew how to support me during these challenges!

Can you briefly tell us about the activities of the offices you manage?

In the South West region, we have created 3 departments:

1. Industrial systems: systems, software and electronics engineering

  • Critical aviation projects: flight orders for A380 and A350, flight management system, maintenance system, ground/on-board communication systems;
  • Critical automobile projects: tire pressure calculator, induction smartphone chargers, Gateway for connecting the car and its passengers…;
  • Space projects for ground stations or embedded calculators on satellites;
  • Or less critical but still exciting, our wearable projects: watches, glasses, motorcycle helmets and even luxury jewellery!
  • Finally, we make products specifically for completing currently existing devices for our clients: whether for trial campaigns, their production, tools for demonstration.

2. Information systems: software, infrastructure and IT security

  • A proven capacity to manage all stages involved in application development and its evolutions on all existing technologies: Java, C#, AngularJS, PHP…Our most important client service centre has more than 50 consultants in its branch!
  • System and network infrastructure consulting: from architecture to deployment, up to administration.

3. Mechanics and support in production

  • From product design to physical stress calculation: static, dynamic or fatigue stress on components or on entire aero structures, but also on tools.
  • Support and advising for our clients to improve production of parts and devices. For instance, this includes managing the manufacturing of their products on airplane assembly lines.

What are your goals? What profiles are you seeking in order to best respond to these ambitions? 

We would never have been able to develop the South West Region without everyone’s talents, whether in technical teams, project management or sales. By multiplying our size by five in ten years, today we have attained the critical size in order to easily tackle the future. For us, the challenges are now the following:

  • Anticipate clients’ future investments and catalyse their innovations. We have invested in the “Internet of Things” and “wearable” and connected objects. These are booming technologies in the region, especially in IoT Valley, Aerospace Valley or Toulouse Métropole. Our ambition is to support our major clients in their innovation processes and encourage technical expansion in different sectors of activity.
  • Continue our engineering offer for electronic subsystems and specific products. This is an offer we have invested in for two years now.
  • Support the French leader in aeronautics and equipment manufacturers in improving their production: produce more quickly but with the same level of quality while digitising tools and documentation and while integrating big data, augmented reality and new methods of production.
  • Participate in evolving existing aeronautics systems while integrating electric developments in structures and avionics…to compensate for the decline in spending in the sector following the lack of new aircraft programmes.
  • Know the market needs. The space sector is in full recovery. Our major space clients have received many satellite orders, with future projects in the works such as nanosatellites, reusable and less costly launchers, 5G mobile networks available through satellite and Internet in planes…
  • Become an “early adopter” of technologies in our sector: we must remain at the forefront of every new development and each technological trend. In order to do this, we created an “innovation centre” in 2016 to test, propose and collaborate on solutions.

In order to respond to these challenges, we integrate new talents in low-level and application software, digital and analogue electronics, design, mechanical calculations and production support, system and network infrastructure…Our objective in responding to our clients’ challenges is to recruit nearly 200 collaborators in 2017! More than technical skills, it is a state of mind that we look for, creative profiles with an entrepreneurial spirit, committed and talented people ready to rise to the technological challenges that await us…

Why should engineers join your teams?

Joining AUSY means that:

  • You have the chance to be in a company that cultivates a winning spirit: 16 new clients in the region in 2016!
  • People are empowered and talents are developed here: 80% of project managers, technical managers and sales managers come from internal development.
  • Each person has room to explore and find meaning in their professional activities: an “innovation centre” where all consultants can bring ideas, a new project and their know-how or learn while getting involved with innovative projects that are currently being developed! There are budgets allocated for leading activities between AUSY consultants, which thus foster the AUSY team spirit…

The Toulouse office recently organised two events, one targeted towards candidates (ACBN) and the second towards clients (electronics event). What are the goals of these events, and what have been the resulting effects? 

The stakeholders in our environment want a concrete and detailed vision of our projects. What better way to do this than by inviting them to meet us and speak with our teams! These events have been very successful. The events have surprised our guests, due to the extent of our expertise but also by our transparency and the simplicity of the conversations.

Thanks to creating these new contacts, we have identified new clients and especially our future colleagues…