Interview with Kristof, an intern who became a project manager

1 August 2018
Kristof’s career demonstrates that our subsidiary in Belgium, AUSY, a Randstad company, wants to invest in the skills development of its interns. A former AUSY intern, Kristof works as a project manager.

Kristof studied applied informatics and began his career at AUSY Belgium as a software development intern.

“My first interview lasted nearly two hours. It was a good indicator that AUSY Belgium took so much time to get to know its candidates, even interns. During my internship, I developed a proof-of-concept PHP application of a software that AUSY Belgium then used to manage clients and consultants internally. It was a very educational experience, especially since I had the opportunity to learn about how the company worked.”

AUSY Belgium enjoys being able to retain their interns once the position ends. As a result, the company offered Kristof an employment opportunity that he accepted.

“The atmosphere here is great. AUSY Belgium is very results-driven but also focuses on people. Furthermore, I have the opportunity to deepen my skills and develop new ideas.”

Kristof began working at Solutions, the internal projects department at AUSY Belgium. His initial tasks consisted of working on the websites for Cerga, a quality label for gas installers, Zwitsal, a company that makes baby care products, and Schwarzkopf, which creates haircare products. Next, thanks to AUSY Belgium’s HR department, he worked as a Drupal Developer at Telenet and was involved in creating the new Veritas website.

“Then, I heard about kañooh! The kañooh framework contract was given exclusively to Paddle, offering it the opportunity to create websites for the Flemish government and other institutions. Paddle is a consortium of AUSY and the ESN (European Service Network). It invested in a SaaS CMS platform, also called Paddle. I immediately asked my manager if I could start working on kañooh. And that’s how I became a Drupal Service Delivery Coordinator! Today, the Paddle platform hosts more than 250 sites.

“I was in charge of the platform’s helpdesk, where the editors could ask questions, identify bugs or request new features. Thanks to my technical skills, I was able to solve problems quickly and find opportunities for developing new aspects. Everyone at kañooh has a start-up mentality. Thus, as an employee, you can share your ideas on the future of the platform. Thanks to this approach, I was able to become a project manager. I am responsible for managing the Agile development team which creates and supports the platform.”

Kristof, enthusiastic and eager to learn, has ambitious goals for the future: “One day, I hope that the kañooh platform will target groups outside of the Flemish government as well.”