Interview with Anthony, Electronics Engineer in Rennes

25 July 2017
anthony garry
“What motivated me to stay was the pleasant work environment. As a plus, the projects are really interesting and engaging.”
What is your educational background?

I finished my secondary studies with a scientific baccalaureate diploma. It was at this time that I realised I had an interest in electronics and software. As a result, I pursued in studies in this field at an engineering school, ESEO at Angers. During my time at ESEO, I joined the Robotics Club, where I really progressed. Finally, for my last year in engineering, I made the choice to do a work apprenticeship programme. While looking for a professional training contract, I sent an application to AUSY, which decided to take a chance on me. 

Can you tell us about your arrival at AUSY during your apprenticeship and the activities that you conducted?

As an apprentice, my schedule was complicated. I was only there a few weeks from time to time at the start. It was a bit unclear because I did not have any big tasks, but this allowed me to learn how things worked and everyone’s activities. Then once I was there for the long-term, I was able to work on more important projects and gain more skills. 

What has motivated you to continue this adventure with us?

What motivated me to stay was, firstly, the pleasant work environment. The projects are also very interesting and engaging.

What are your current projects and what new skills have you acquired in the last year?

Many of my skills have improved, whether in development, integration, project estimation or in relations. It needs to be easy to make contact because we are constantly meeting new people (technicians, project managers, R&D, maintenance). I have made a lot of progress in this regard. 

How is the team organised? How would you define the ambiance, the relations between all of you? 

The team ambiance is very pleasant and enjoyable because we work with people our own age who have similar interests. The evenings organised by the site managers are a very good initiative, the parties are varied and cool (laser tag, go kart, darts, billiards, etc…). It allows us to get to know another side of our colleagues and to enrich our conversations. 

What do you like the most about your work?

Development and integration are the two parts of a project which please me the most. When you see your project working after a variety of problems, you feel a huge amount of satisfaction. 

Do you have advice to give to future graduates?

Pursue their ambitions.