Interview with Anthony: Consultant, instructor and author

24 May 2018
Fascinated by new technologies and innovation, Anthony, a consultant at AUSY, enjoys sharing his knowledge. Between conducting training sessions, editing and publishing works, he tells us about the passions that invigorate him.
Please tell us a bit about yourself and your passions.

My passion, as you can imagine, is and always has been computing. I began programming at a very young age and taught myself in order to develop websites and video games. These subjects have always interested me. Thus I naturally gravitated towards an engineering school in order to deepen my knowledge in computer science. Today, I work at AUSY on cutting-edge subjects, like virtual and augmented reality. In my personal life, I love to share my knowledge and my passion. That is why I create video tutorials and write books on Unity3D development.

Can you tell us more about your missions and the projects that you are working on with AUSY?

At AUSY, I am responsible for the entire 3D section, as well as virtual and augmented reality. Currently I work with a client for whom I am developing an innovative way of visualising statistics in 3D. In parallel with this mission, I develop prototypes for AUSY, in order to create value for our know-how with our clients in virtual and augmented reality.

How did the idea of writing the series “Create Games from A to Z with Unity” come to you?

I had already been sharing my knowledge for years now via video tutorials. My videos worked well and the feedback was very good. That is why I decided to complete my offer by presenting a new type of training/instruction. The publishing house was really interested in this innovative subject, even more so because no books on Unity3D existed in French.

 Tell us about the first two volumes released in 2015 and in 2016.

The first books were dedicated to game development with Unity3D. The first of these was intended more for beginners because it teaches the basics of 3D game and mobile game creation. The second book, also in two parts, provides necessary knowledge for 2D game development and for creating network games. The public has welcomed the books and they have sold well. The two been reedited and enriched thanks to its reception by the public.

What new approach does the latest volume, released in 2017, explore?

It is a book about developing virtual reality and augmented reality applications. This book allowed me to address innovative subjects, topics different from video games basically. It’s a good way of completing the existing offer.

Do you have other writing projects?

I do indeed have some ideas and some drafts already written. For instance, there is one about 3D modelisation with Blender as well as another on new development kits in augmented reality with ARKit and ARCore. For the moment, these projects have only just begun, so it is therefore difficult to say more about them.

To conclude, what advice would you give to a consultant also interested in writing a book?

In order to write a book, one must already have mastered the subject and have a very good technical knowledge of it. It is also important to be a good teacher because software books are very complex to write: what is clear for us might not necessarily be for the reader. It is not always easy to find the words for sharing one’s knowledge. I think the ideal thing, before going full steam ahead, would be to begin by giving courses or making video tutorials. It’s a good way of doing it by hand and to have feedback from other people on the Internet in order to be well-established. It is easier to write a book when one already has a class support document. After, it is important to find a good publishing house, which corresponds to us as authors, because it is the publishing house that will support us along the way in publishing our book.

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