Interview with Anne-Catherine, Assistant Operational Human Resources Director

15 February 2017
Read our interview with Anne-Catherine, Assistant Operational Director of Human Resources.

Anne-Catherine, could you please tell us about your job and your time at AUSY?

I am the Assistant Operational Director of Human Resources. Eight years ago, I started at AUSY as a Manager in the Recruitment Structure (support functions, sales and technical department). My operational profile as an agency director in a digital services company was attractive to AUSY. My responsibilities were then extended to training commercial managers in our internal training centre, AUSY University. More than a year ago, my responsibilities also expanded to HR development, as part of our team dedicated to following up with our consultants.

The centralization of recruitment, which we call the “structure” at headquarters, lets us offer the position that best fits our needs as well as the skills and ambitions of our candidates. Often, we offer a post to a candidate that is different from the one they applied for. Our wish is to select those with the best potential, with a progressive spirit, people who are capable of responding to the rapid growth of our Group. We support our commercial managers with dedicated training.

AUSY recruits managers throughout the year in order to support its consultants in their careers and to succeed in new markets. How does the Group train them to respond to its challenges?

In 2007, AUSY created its own University, which focuses on 3 branches: technical skills, personal development and sales. Through the sales branch, commercial managers will receive support throughout their career.

During the first three months of their induction, all of our junior managers take part in theoretical and practical training modules. These modules explore their responsibilities as a commercial manager and enable them to possess all necessary tools for rapid success in their role. Each module is taught by a dedicated member from Executive Management. These are people who are experienced in market practices. The classes have roleplay sessions, which allow our new managers the opportunity to experience something as close as possible to the reality of the field. We keep track of the effectiveness of the training by looking at how quickly the first business contracts are signed during this period. Our managers are also evaluated through tests and oral defences. These tests really validate their learning level.

Each year, we have three or four sessions with a dozen junior managers in order to cover our needs in France. We place a lot of emphasis on helping technical consultants grow towards a managerial role. Basically, they have a technical background that allows them to rapidly understand client challenges and experience that gives them a good awareness of consultant expectations.  Their technical know-how gives them a real asset. During the training sessions, we give them more support on sales activity. Many consultants are interested in this future possibility of growth. 

In parallel, with every development in responsibilities, our managers have complementary trainings of 4 to 5 days in length (management of a profit centre, sales management, etc.) in order to support them in their new task. We also emphasise the importance of simulation activities in these modules in order to adhere as closely as possible to their operational activity.

Can you tell us about the last group? When did they start their training? What are the biggest challenges for these new arrivals?

The last class, which we have named Magenta, began on January 30 and includes 10 managers. The biggest challenge for these new trainees is to learn a new trade with both technical and commercial aspects and with a management team. Our managers are true intrapreneurs. This training is indispensable for helping them succeed.

When will the training session for the next class take place, who can take part and how? What is the recruitment process?

The next training will be in mid-April, and a third class is also projected for the end of June. If you have received a technical or business education at a BAC+5 level with at least one professional experience, you have the soul of an entrepreneur and you wish to develop yourself and your skills, don’t hesitate to contact us! We can offer you more information on growth opportunities at AUSY, and we can discuss your motivations.

Our recruitment process is simple and rapid with 4 selective steps: an HR interview, then a group interview, an interview with an operational director and a final interview with our Executive Management. Don’t worry, we will prepare you for the last step!

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