Finding Gender Parity at AUSY Montpellier

14 September 2017
Montpellier Parité
While gender parity has not yet been reached in the engineering world overall, our Montpellier branch has achieved it!

According to the 2016 survey conducted by Ingénieurs et Scientifiques de France (IESF), an organisation of engineers and scientists in France, only 20.5% of engineers in France are women.[1]  Gender parity in scientific fields has not yet been reached in many regions of the world,[2]but our Montpellier branch has managed to achieve it! Of our 24 consultants, 12 are women.

But how has AUSY reached this gender balance? Since September 2016, AUSY Montpellier has actively recruited female consultants. As part of their work in establishing client relationships, managers reach common ground with clients regarding specific working hours that will make handling child care needs easier for the consultant. This approach promotes a good balance between personal life and professional life (especially regarding an aspect of life that affects many working women). Furthermore, one of the site managers, Margaux, went to the Ecole Polytechnique de Montpellier and presented job possibilities at AUSY Montpellier to future graduates of the school. By the end of 2016, the dynamic nature of the office had helped to create a fun and entertaining atmosphere, full of events and company evenings.

Thanks to these steps, conviviality among coworkers has been fostered. This welcoming environment encouraged female consultants to recommend AUSY to their friends and former coworkers through the company’s recruitment scheme. The Montpellier employees were thrilled to learn about the equality in gender representation at their office.

In the months ahead, the team plans to get more involved with high schools in the area in order to assist young women who are thinking about engineering careers. 

Check out our video on the topic!