AUSY organises two new events dedicated to digital infrastructure for the beginning of the school year

29 August 2018
AUSY gets started again with two evening events dedicated to digital infrastructure business lines as part of the "AUSY Career Booster Tour" in France's Grand Ouest region.

AUSY is off to meet its future colleagues during two new recruitment evenings in France's Grand Ouest region on 26 and 27 September. These evenings will have various highlights: meetings and workshops with our experts (cyber-security, cloud, DevOps and innovation), conversations with our managers and HR, serious games and a cocktail hour. 

Thus, AUSY wishes to respond to the transformation challenges of its clients, at each step of their projects, by drawing on its seven Expertise Delivery Centres in France and on its ability to perform international activities.

Today, companies are indeed faced with the digital shift of their Business Model, with the explosion of their volume of data and with new digital regulatory constraints. They must transform their infrastructure in order to increase performance and ability to evolve and in order to offer a better digital experience. 

Hybrid cloud, data management, cyber-security, the digital workplace, SDN networks and the DevOps approach are expertises and skills that IT Systems Departments must master and combine in order to respond to challenges in competitiveness and in business line innovations.

With this perspective, we are looking for engineers and project managers with one prior experience or in the process of acquiring it and with background in the cloud, the DevOps movement, cyber-security, networks and systems.

Two dates:

  • Nantes, 26 September
  • Rennes, 27 September

All information about the events, including location, time, workshops, etc., can be found here:é/événements

If you wish to join our infrastructure experts, please fill out this form and our Recruitment teams will contact you.