anthony garry
25 July 2017
“What motivated me to stay was the pleasant work environment. As a plus, the projects are really interesting and engaging.”
6 July 2017
This interview with Elisabeth Sidibe, Disability Mission Officer at AUSY, was published in the magazine Grands Ecoles et Universites. Article by Fanny Bijaoui.
20 June 2017
The aeronautics and space sectors are sectors of the future which will encounter important growth. Since 1989, AUSY has positioned itself as a consulting and engineering company with top expertise.
22 March 2017
Learn more about Sébastien, Operational Director of the South West Region, and our activities in his area.
16 March 2017
Learn more about AUSY's certifications.
15 February 2017
Read our interview with Anne-Catherine, Assistant Operational Director of Human Resources.