Montpellier Parité
14 September 2017
While gender parity has not yet been reached in the engineering world overall, our Montpellier branch has achieved it!
Appel à candidatures - 4L Trophy 2018
4 September 2017
The 4L Adventure continues! For six years, AUSY has supported teams participating in the 4L Trophy.
anthony garry
25 July 2017
“What motivated me to stay was the pleasant work environment. As a plus, the projects are really interesting and engaging.”
6 July 2017
This interview with Elisabeth Sidibe, Disability Mission Officer at AUSY, was published in the magazine Grands Ecoles et Universites. Article by Fanny Bijaoui.
2 May 2017
Today, we met with Christophe, who recently joined us and is very involved in free and open-source solutions through his many extra-curricular activities.
22 March 2017
Learn more about Sébastien, Operational Director of the South West Region, and our activities in his area.