Prisitine seas
18 January 2018
Our American branch, Celerity, recently completed a project in partnership with National Geographic Society, part of the famous organisation well-known for its contributions towards the environment. The project Pristine Seas is one of NGS’s Explorer Programs, which aims to protect our oceans. Our article below discusses Celerity's involvement with Pristine Seas.
6 December 2017
AUSY announces its partnership with the business AgreenCulture as part of the Centéol Challenge 2018.
YSUA vidéo
1 December 2017
AUSY becomes YSUA: And if the roles were reversed?
8 November 2017
Check out our interview with Pierre, an embedded systems engineer.
Innovation center
24 October 2017
On November 16, AUSY Toulouse will host an evening dedicated to innovation, with the theme of “Innovation in all its forms”.
19 October 2017
Randstad and AUSY strengthen their links with CentraleSupélec by co-producing an original training course 100% dedicated to digital entrepreneurship.