Space industry

AUSY is actively involved in the fields of launch vehicles and satellites
Laurent, Engagement Director AUSY

Between 2012 and 2013, the space industry experienced a drop in satellite sales. The strong return of Boeing in the field of telecommunication satellites, a market that was traditionally dominated by Europeans, increased competition with aggressive pricing and the arrival of new electric power systems, which would respond to major challenges in the years to come.

Despite these contextual difficulties, AUSY pursued its activities with launch vehicles and satellite systems thanks to its preferred supplier awards with major players in this market. Since 2012, AUSY has been working on a satellite telecommunication project for an American operator, developing AIT tests for a constellation of 81 satellites.

The demise of the ARIANE 5 altered the landscape of the European space market. During a European ministerial conference in December 2014, a decision was made to develop two more competitive versions of the ARIANE 6, a historic moment that was to reshape the industrial organisation of European launch vehicles. In 2012 AUSY developed a service centre dedicated to simulation activities, mission analysis, and altitude and orbit control of space vehicles. This service centre was involved in the preliminary project phases of the ARIANE 5 ME and ARIANE 6.

In this difficult and ever-changing market, manufacturers understand the need to offer their clients service packages associated with launch vehicles and their accompanying satellites. AUSY positions itself on this added value by delivering IT infrastructures (both HW and SW), and by ensuring effective telecom system engineering and the security of information systems for telecommunication services. At the end of 2013, AUSY was among 19 companies that were shortlisted by AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE for its capacity to develop a service centre around these activities and to autonomously cover all technical IT domains.


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