We accompany aircraft manufacturers through a provision of maintenance or innovative services
Marc, Aerospace Director AUSY

The civil and commercial aviation markets have experienced strong growth in Asia and America and are dominated by a duopoly of manufacturers. Today their business model is focused on production and customer services, as development processes are completed or are being finalised. Their challenge is to manufacture parts on time with a strong production ramp up. Customer services are a real growth driver for aircraft manufacturers. We accompany them through the provision of maintenance or innovative services. Via our business offer AUSY TOUCH, we provide datavisualisation multipoint touch screen applications on large screens or tablets for technical or user documentation for example.

Concerns with “going green” and reducing our fuel consumption, as exemplified by the MAX series for Boeing or the NEO series for Airbus, opens up interesting development prospects for the Group.

Our recent presence in the United States in Mobile, Alabama allows us to accompany our clients in the business aviation market and to meet their needs by providing customised upgrade services for cabin interiors. 

In the military aviation market, despite the global decline in European budgets, new developments on drones are expected. The Rafale should prompt new business opportunities that we are ready to explore. 

E2A is a joint venture between ELAN AUSY and ATKINS that was set up in 2012 and that was shortly after selected as E2S Preferred Supplier by the AIRBUS Group. E2A offers a broad engineering capability, from embedded software to systems to design and structural stress analysis. A unique characteristic of the joint venture is the capacity to address the entire structure of the airframe (wings, cabin, fuselage…). The companies were praised on their strong vision and management skills, and position themselves among the top 10 privileged suppliers of the AIRBUS Group. 


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