Design office for accidents related to neutronics, thermohydraulics and fluid mechanics

mecaniques des fluides
Setting up of a Proximity Design Office
Domain of expertise
Nuclear field, reactor functioning in different operating conditions
Sector of activity

As part of safety and performance optimisation studies of power reactors, AUSY has set up a Proximity Design Office (PDO) to respond to its clients’ standards and studies/analysis methodology. 


The PDO functions according to a work delegation process put in place by AUSY with final evaluation by the client for electrical safety authorisations.

The entire team is trained in the client’s analysis methodologies and standards, with regular refresher courses and bi-annual evaluations. 

Solutions & results

AUSY has set up a complete service infrastructure to reply to the clients’ needs. Secure offices have been equipped with dual core PCs which are attached to computer equipment by means of fibre optic cables.

AUSY is responsible for all logistics concerned with maintaining this service centre. 

A quality system was also put in place with indicators dedicated to the monitoring of activities. 

All work carried out is part of the client’s annual production plan and is realised within specified quality and time constraints.