CMS Service Centre

CMS calculateurs embarqués
Development of mid-flight alert and maintenance systems for on-board computer software
Domain of expertise
Embedded software, DO178
Sector of activity

Development of product lines, the setting up of a multi-computer and multi-technology service centre (open world or DO 178) with an offshore entity in India (AUSY TECHNOLOGY INDIA).


Ensure a successful transition from development mode to maintenance mode.

Pool resources and maintain skills even when faced with a changing workload.

Solutions & results

Embedded software for the aeronautics industry is one of AUSY's areas of expertise. Our broad knowledge of all computer functions and of the technologies used in the aeronautics world has enabled us to react quickly and efficiently in the transition from the development phase to the maintenance phase. 

This service centre has been experiencing strong growth for several years, mobilising up to 60 engineers.