Project References

Critical embedded electronics
Design of an energy distribution system
mecaniques des fluidesNuclear field, reactor functioning in different operating conditions
Setting up of a Proximity Design Office
interface clientDesign, development and Java/J2EE integration in an innovative context
Banking, Insurance, Finance
Retail banking development (JAVA)
telecomTelecommunication business applications
Telecoms & Media
Maintenance in operational condition of business applications
commission européenneDrupal CMS, Digital strategy, Responsive Web Design, Digital campaigns
Governmental and European Institutions
An efficient content management system for the European Commission
Deploiement réseau telecomDeployment management of a telecommunications network
Telecoms & Media
A project for one of the leading French operators
oil&gasOil & Gas, Safety Engineering, industrial risk analysis
Installation of a gas liquefaction plant
Médecins sans frontières et leur projet DrupalWeb development, Multi-site, Drupal CMS, Operational support
Governmental and European Institutions
Doctors without borders: a unique worldwide platform...
centre de servies webservices télecom spatialWeb services, IT infrastructure deployment, Security
Space industry
IT solutions for satellite communications in a hostile environment
plateforme multimédia connectéeV Cycle, Telematics
Development of a Connectivity Navigation Radio platform that improves comfort and security