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AUSY: a culture of innovation

It is AUSY’s business to be at the heart of technological innovation. AUSY is, above all else, an engineering company. Its very nature is to always offer new solutions and approaches.

At AUSY, this dynamism and this desire to innovate meet at all levels, whether in the Labs or at the R&D platforms at our clients’ offices, whether on projects that we complete in one of our seven Delivery Centres or internally when digitising our organisation and advancing in our practises. This is done with a constant and continuous approach to improvement.

In terms of innovation, we offer our clients both a perspective from the inside and a business- and user-centred vision. We bring them a forward-looking approach, significant user feedback and a solid industrial capacity for implementing, integrating and carrying out innovative technological solutions.

Capacity of intervention

Innovation does not wait

Our market is experiencing rapid change. Organisations are looking for new services with added value at the crossroads of technology and usage: industry 4.0, intelligent transport, smart cities, smart farming, blockchain-based applications, smart airports, hospitals of the future…

New modes of production are being implemented: agile and iterative development, collaborative projects, experimentations and open innovation…

The recent imperatives of the market drove us to launch our first Innovation Centre in Toulouse at the beginning of 2017. AUSY had already set up structures dedicated to innovation: our AUSY R&D branch is based on themes such as blockchain, augmented reality, digital twins, etc., and the AUSY Labs at Sophia-Aix are based on user-centric technology. But now, AUSY must go further in order to offer a true innovative solution incubator and to be at our clients’ sides to help them make their ideas more solid.

You imagine it, we complete it

At the heart of technological ecosystems, with a perspective that is both local and global, the Innovation Centre is in touch with key innovation actors from institutions and clusters, incubators, boosters and accelerators, start-ups and consortiums and research and industrial institutes.

With truly multidisciplinary teams consisting of researchers, engineers and enthusiastic experts involved in many fields, the centre offers a base of co-localised and complementary skills: embedded software, electronics and systems, mechanics, digital technologies and R&D processes.

The Innovation Centre provides a tailor-made service offer, entirely dedicated to innovation:

1 - Innovation Support: eligibility for financing, open innovation process, putting together a dossier, responses to calls for projects, start-up selection
2 - Technical Feasibility Study: multi-business expertise, technical guidance file
3 - Innovation Consulting: proof of concept, technology benchmarking, surveillance
4 - Demonstrator Partnership: fast prototyping, co-financing
5 - Technical Expertise: technology and system integration, creation and clarification of solutions, product industrialisation

The Toulouse centre operates in a cross-divisional manner to support all of your projects in France and relies on local branches and specific expertise in different regions.

After this initial first step in Toulouse, our development plan anticipates launching at least three other Innovation Centres in France by 2020.

Today, innovation is no longer a luxury… 

Whether your company is a start-up, a small- to medium-sized business or a large enterprise, the AUSY Innovation Centre is at your side to assist you in making your ideas grow and giving them an industrial and economic future.

Innovation Centre

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