Mechatronics and specific products


« I need to add filtering to a test harness for the end of next week, but launching a new harness design would impact three weeks’ of scheduling. What do we do in order to meet the deadlines?” »

AUSY was able to deliver a modified and functional harness in 72 hours.

« I designed a rack to validate a new piece of equipment, but I saw that at the moment of launching the supplies that my main component does not fit in the rack (which is the largest standard model). Do I need to redo the entire design?»

AUSY offered an ingenious solution, at a low cost, in order to finalise this design.

What is a specific product?

  • a hardware solution (electronic, electrical, software and mechanical modifications of existing tools or creation of test or production tools);
  • co-built with the client;
  • made to measure (functional prototyping, internal mechanical integration solutions and wiring)
  • development in a short timeframe (responding to an urgent or obstructing issue)


What are the differences between this and a classic research unit?

Modern tools and a new way of working:

  • launch of a project based on a specified need without an exact statement of work: unidentified components at launch, undetermined circuit board dimensions, unclear development perimeter, ability to adapt to needs that emerge during the project: possibility to modify designs up to the last moment thanks to internal routing;
  • integration of circuit boards in a 3D environment;
  • development of Soft Drivers to functionally validate the circuit board before delivery (huge amount of time saved for the client);
  • Provision of recommendations and proposals.

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