Agility and function points analysis

For many years, and more and more often, AUSY has been implementing the Function Points Analysis method in agile contexts.

Indeed, today Function Points Analysis have been met with new interest and have revealed themselves to work well in agile projects, so much so that they are now a very useful, if not essential, complement to these projects’ governance.


Fonction points analysis and agility

In an agile organisation, Function Points Analysis can be used throughout the application life cycle. They are very effective:

  • upstream, for sizing a project and providing a cost estimate,
  • during the project, to bring additional visibility on functional coverage,
  • at the end of the project, to measure and analyse performance,
  • in maintenance and overall to better govern and optimise the application base

FPA booklet

Download our booklet "Manage Your Agile Points with Function Point Analysis", which includes our feedback, methodological aspects and key points for implementation, with a special focus on agile contractualisation.


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