Energy & environmental engineering


Whether it’s for a nuclear installation, an oil platform or a LNG (liquefied natural gas) transportation system, AUSY is involved in the construction, exploitation and dismantling phases by providing engineering services including studies, management and expertise to help put in place the necessary tools, organisation and procedures to accompany our clients.

AUSY set up design offices that are sources of expertise in the field and especially in nuclear safety and nuclear engineering (Neutronics, Criticality, Thermohydraulics). 


Capacity of intervention

AUSY is involved in both local projects and large-scale projects that require a transnational organisation. 

Nuclear safety, criticality & radioprotection
mecaniques des fluides

AUSY is one of the engineering leaders in France in the fields of nuclear safety, criticality and radioprotection. 

Our teams operate with major players in the nuclear field. They carry out studies, perform calculations or use their expertise in construction, transportation or dismantling programmes: Drafting and Analysis of safety documents, regulatory compliance analysis, ALARA principle, Design and dimensioning of biological protection, Dosimetric Studies, Source term calculations, Criticality studies, Physical and Radiological Inventories, Technical Economic Studies…


Simulation, neutronics, CFD & Thermohydraulics
simulation neutronique

AUSY considers itself an expert in the domains of CFD and Thermohydraulics applied to nuclear installations, as well as Neutronics, with a leading Design Office in France. 

Our engineers/physicians work on issues relating to the design and dimensioning of equipment, performance and efficiency optimisation of CFD-Thermal systems, local thermohydraulics analysis, modeling and calculations in normal operation and accident conditions. 

Our teams also assist in the development, maintenance and validation of computer codes and specific IT tools used in these technical disciplines. 


Subsea and offshore engineering
ingenierie subsea et offshore

AUSY operates in subsea engineering in flow assurance as well as hydrodynamics, fluid-structural interactions and specifically analysis and installation methods. 

Our main activity in this field is focused on structures, in other words calculations of pipelines and risers. 

In offshore engineering which represents the topside of an oil platform, our key business sectors bring together naval architecture and anchorage calculation, stability and seakeeping tools as well as structural analysis tools, and geotechnical skills.

AUSY is also involved in both upstream and downstream process engineering: process simulation, creating plans, dimensioning equipment and environmental studies, materials/corrosion studies. 


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